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Community building and individual support is the end game at JMH SOUK. Our aim is to support the industry in our region, to this local act global, the livelihood of this creative generation, to by doing so we aim to take them to higher heights. Our part of the puzzle matters to those who know where they are going and need support in their way forward. Be it a designer, a retailer, get in touch - we would love to help. If you’re not any of the above and still want to connect get in touch anyway.


Afterall, information is everything. On all levels education is key; To the customer, the education is about the hidden talent, the quality that lies outside the norm. To the designer, we give them the tools to go global, opening doors to new markets, communicating them to a whole new environment. To the world, we are here to make the connection, the talent is here, it’s real and it’s happening.


We are all about connecting. Our designers come on board to join forces, reach out. Our mission is to give them and you just that. To stronger strengths, non mainstreams takes niche to a whole different level.


Exposing is about shedding the light on reality. We aim to show the reality of it all, the coolness on both sides. Exposing both the designer and the world to a mastered outside the box art meets business. Things have been building up and happening. But did you know...?


Sustainability is about knowing we’ll be here long after the first handshake. We invest in long term for long term and make sure our designers are in the same place too. Sustainibility is an all inclusive boat, the way we see it, we promise to be here, the designers promise to keep their ‘A’ game and you promise to support along the way.


Difference; you get that if you put coolness, smartness, beauty, richness and other good things together