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We believe in the authenticity of real people with real passions, we believe in their hands and their creative instincts. A hub for artisans, creators and designers to broaden their horizons; we give you and them the tools to connect. Our marketplace handpicks originality with rooted yet innovations of object design to uplift and compliment a lifestyle, gone are the days of small talk here is your portal to one of a kind statements.



Unearthing non mainstream talent to the world. We live for the unique attributes, the stories, the fantasy of each designer and their creations. Nothing like a masterpiece perfectly placed in your home to better tell a story.



It’s about being different but staying relevant. In essence each unique story springs into a life of its own that will fit right in. Quality matters, seeing the designer florish too. We love identity, detailing, materials, immagination and execution. It’s all in the mix of our selection process.



Caring is good, but we have the courage to act on it, is celebrating this passion with a local to global outlook. Looking to contribute? Let’s talk.



We coordinate, so much thought goes into making things relevant. And then we make it happen, our team is here to serve and talk, our facilities means each piece is treated with the upmost care until it finds you. All you have to do is fall in love.


WE ARE ARABIA based in Riyadh, joining with a hub in Paris we bring a European edge to a platform that stems from an initiative to showcase the best of the region. Beyond stereotype, the movers and shakers of the region have been selected, unified to speak for Arabia. These are our people; this is Arabia. 


Difference; you get that if you put coolness, smartness, beauty, richness and other good things together