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1 - Do you have an offline location?

JMH Souk is an online retailer of non-mainstream designers from Arabia to the world. We are based online however we will be having Pop Ups and Live Events of which we will keep you posted on the Pop Up and Events page. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to avoid missing out on all our activities possible happening in a space near you.


1 - How safe is it to make a purchase through

We take your safety very seriously, is a secured website, all payments are made through a secured portal where we are not able to access. It’s safe here, the coast is clear!

2 - Is my information secure?

All the information inputted goes is safely stored for the use of delivery follow up, we will not email you unless requested. We are independently managed and do not report any information to any third parties. Your information is locked away, unshared and unknown.


1 - How do you select your designers?

We hand pick designers based on their originality, performance and product quality. We will never settle for below average. We look for designers with a rooted value system and thoughtful ideas. Our one condition is that the designers are non-mainstream. Here’s to being different and being good at it.


1 - I can't see my order history online?

If you have placed your order online you will see all history of that order. Any orders placed over the telephone with a customer services advisor will not be in 'My Account' online. For any orders placed over the telephone you will still receive all email communication giving you step-by-step progress of your order.

2 - I am a designer, can I work with you?

We'd love to hear from you, you can send us on or submit your information within the Designers page, our selection team will be in touch to assess your work and bring you on board.Our aim is to help designers reach an international audience, so if you are not ready to do so you can also contact us and we will help you to do so.

3 - I am new to, how do I place my first order?

Welcome to JMH SOUK, your first order will be just as simple as any other. Once you have selected your items continue to checkout as a new customer and fill in the details. Alternatively call us and we will help you to process your order and create an account for you. You will be able to log into your account and make changes to your details and password at any time after this.

4 - I am a returning customer, how do I make an order?

Glad to have you back! You can make an order by placing your item in the basket, upon checkout, log in to speed the process up or you can call us to make your order on +966 (0)50 40 93 2777

5 - How can I give feedback to your services, what do I get in return?

We love hearing from you, whether you are a customer or soon to be one. Please visit the Reviews page and submit your thoughts. Your feedback is very welcome as we are in constant development and evolution to make the ideal place for you.

6 - What do I expect when I subscribe?

Subscribing to the Newsletter will ensure you know before anyone. Further to news and updates on designers, trends and products, you will receive exclusive discounts and deals. If you decide to unsubscribe in the future a link can be found at the bottom of every email.


1 - Does offer a customer support service? cares to see you happy and comfortable with your order, we have a team trained to hold your hand through the process. The Support team is there to help you through your experience. From selecting your item at to ensuring that your product is smoothly delivered to your doorstep. And because we like convenience you are given the following options to reach us,

2 - When can I reach your customer service team?

Whether by phone, messaging, or email, you will be able to reach us. Due to the traffic of the questions we may have to come back to you within a couple of hours but we are here. Get in touch now.

3 - What’s the fastest way to get in touch?

Call +966 (0) 50 40 93 27 77





1 - Where do you ship to ?

We ship worldwide. We have partnered up with a courier service that allows us to do so. Restrictions could apply to certain countries due to their import and custom regulations, in the event that this happens we will be in touch to rearrange delivery or cancel your order.

2 - How fast is the Delivery ?

We use express shipping only to ensure your product is shipped at the soonest. Your order is dispatched within a maximum period of 48 hours. Depending on the country shipping to your order will take the time required. Please find your country and shipping time in the list below.

When placing an order an estimate delivery period is clearly stated within your shopping basket. You will have to input the country being shipped to have a clear indication of price and time needed. We have placed this before checkout so all the information is clear prior to purchase.

3 - Can I track the progress of my order ?

Once your order has been dispatched you can track it or ask our support team to do it for you. An airway bill or tracking code is forwarded to your inbox so you can follow up with you order at any time.

Prior to dispatch your order will be in process, if the timeline to delivery is listed to be longer than 48 hours then its being made for you. Track Your Order here or contact us so we can track your order for you.

4 - If I order several items, will they be delivered at the same time ?

Our items are made by a number of different manufacturers so they could be dispatched separately. It depends; if your items are shipped directly from our centralized warehouse then they would arrive at the same time. Check the ‘Timeline to Delivery’ or ask our customer support team.

5 - How would I contact the delivery company ?

We work with Aramex, a global express delivery courier. Our customer support team will save you the hassle of dealing with the arrangements. We’ll contact them for you and get back to you immediately so feel free to reach out to us for support, that’s what we’re here for.

The courier company could contact you to ensure you are available to receive your order.

6-What happens if I'm not in when my items are delivered ?

If you're not there when they try to deliver, our delivery partner will leave a card with your unique parcel reference number so you can arrange redelivery.

We advise you try and be in on the original delivery date, so your items don't stay too long in transit and you can enjoy them as quickly as possible. Please contact us should you need help arranging redelivery. A long delay in transit could be subject to further movement of your order and additional costs for rearrangements.

7 - Can I change my delivery address after I've ordered ?

Of course you can, contact us and we'll update your details. You can do this at any time, if your items have already been dispatched, changing your delivery address isn't impossible, it just takes a little longer but our team will be there to help you to do so. Late changes may result in rearranging delivery; this may be subject to extra charges.

8 - How will my item(s) be delivered?

We work with Aramex, a global express delivery courier. Your items will be prepacked and sealed by JMH SOUK team members to ensure they haven’t been tampered during shipment.

9 - What are the delivery charges?

Delivery charges are standardized from Aramex, you’ll be charged for each product, so if you’re ordering more than one, the total delivery cost will be added up and shown at checkout. Your delivery charges are based on the specifications of the product and the country you request your order to be shipped to. We base our delivery prices on the size and weight of what you're buying. Upon purchase you will receive a delivery breakdown.


1-Are my payment details safe?

All payments within the JMHSOUK website go through a secured portal and cannot be accessed by our team at any time. Please see the Payments term under the Privacy and Security Policy or check the Your Security page.

2 - VAT and custom taxes

We do not charge VAT or Custom taxes as it differs for each case. In the case that additional charges are placed the courier will charge you directly for clearance costs, this only applies to countries that require these taxes.

3 - What type of cards do you accept?

We accept all Credit Cards and Paypal, cash upon delivery is avaiable in certain countries. For information on specific countries please contact us.

4 - Can I place an order over the phone?

Yes you can, call us or email us with your request, we will be glad to process your order for you.

5 - Why has my payment failed?

The amount must be received and registered within the JMH SOUK accounts prior to shipment. If you are having trouble making a payment please contact our support team so we can help you find the best solution.

6 - Can I use more than one voucher code on a single order?

You can only use one voucher at a time. If you’re spoiled for choice, you’re welcome to use whichever one works out better and save any others for your next order.


1 - Is my order customizable ?

Orders are non customizable unless given the option to do so, colors and materials recommended for each design are on offer. Should you have any other special request please get in touch with us, we will follow up with the designer to see if this can be applied.

2 - Can you purchase the parts of an item individually ?

It is a possibility that parts of an item are repurchased, depending on the product, the original date of purchase and the availability of recreation of your requested part. Each case will be catered to, it is best to inform us of the item and the parts you would like to repurchase. We promise to do our best in catering to your needs so you can keep enjoying your order.

3 - Where are's products manufactured ?

JMH SOUK is a multi brand retail environment. Our designers manufacture their products independently so each product is manufactured separately. Information should be found within each product page, if you would still like more information please send your questions over so we can get back to you at the soonest.

4 - Will my furniture fit ?

Within each product description is a true to size measurement chart of the product, we strongly recommend that you measure in the item before purchase as we will not be able to take responsibility for an item not fitting.


1 - How do I use my coupon discount / code ?

Please ensure that you type in the coupon code exactly as it appears at checkout to see your discount. For the coupon code to work it has to be used within the valid date.




1 - Where is my order ?

Once your order is dispatched you will receive an email stating your airway bill or tracking number. If you have received an airway bill or tracking number your order is on its way. Don’t forget to refer to the timeline to delivery to have a clearer idea of when we expect to ship out. Please allow your order 48 hours before expecting this as we need to make the necessary arrangements upon purchase.

2 - I have not heard from your delivery company yet.

The delivery company will give you a scheduled date to when the item should be arriving. Check your delivery and contact information here to avoid any issues in contact. If you still don’t hear from the delivery company please contact the support team, they’ll take care of the rest from there.

3 - Can I change the delivery details ?

Yes you can change the delivery details, please try to do this at the earliest. Should the order already be dispatched changes in delivery are subject to charges, please get in touch with specific changes to know more.

If your order has not been processed simply drop us an email and we will be happy to affect the changes for you.

4 - Can I provide additional delivery instructions ?

The more information provided the better, should you have any special requests please mention them in your delivery details under additional instructions. We will follow up with each case accordingly.

5 - Is my order secure with the carrier ?

All shipments are insured, you items are packed for shipment and handling is taken into account, a team of specialists takes care of the delivery, there is nothing to worry about. Nevertheless we work with a third party courier service, so a promise from our side is to pack and instruct strictly. Should your item arrive damaged or mishandled from the delivery company please get in touch at the soonest, we will replace your item and handle all the charges.


1 - I would like to return my order.

We want to give you as much flexibility and comfort in order as well as ensure that our designers are secured upon delivering their items. For this we have considered the optimal terms to allow a change of mind or a return with reason. Please refer to the Return & Refunds Terms clearly detailing all details and simple steps to bring to consideration.

2 - The product is too big or small for the space intended - Can I return it?

We supply clear measurements of the size of the product, if you believe the size given is different to the real product then you get in touch with us so we can help you with your order. You can only return the product if it is different to it’s description. Please measure your space in advance to avoid this

3 - What if my order is damaged?

We make sure that your product is quality controlled and packed safely for shipping. Nevertheless should you receive a damaged item please fill in the form and arrange for shipment, once the product is received we assess its condition and determine what is to happen next.

4 - The product I received has a fault – what can I do?

If the product you received has a fault please contact the support service to help you with the next steps. You will be given the following option, a replacement to your order or store credit to make a new selection.

5 - Do the delivery company remove packaging?

The delivery company does not remove packaging, as you will need the packaging to ensure a return and exchange on your order in case of any damages or defaults. All packaging is to remain intact in order to validate your return or exchange.


1 - Can you process my refund onto a different credit/debit card?

A refund is applied if done within the stated Window of Refund. Your payment will be debited back to the payment method used to make the payment in the first place. We will not be able to reaccredit the amount into a different card or account.

2 - How will I be refunded?

A member of our support team will be in touch to inform you of the refund requested. You will be given the option of store credit without loss of amount. If you choose to opt for a refund of amount, processing fees will be charged depending the service provider used to make the payment.

3 - When will I see my refund in my account?

We make the refund within 3 working days, Please follow up with your service provider to know when to expect the amount in your account. Each service provider differs. We will send you proof of refund to which you can follow up with you service provider with.

4 - How do I cancel an order?

Once your order is place you will be given 6 hours for an item ready for shipment and 12 hours for a made to order item. A cancel my order button is found within your order history if this window is possible. Once the time is up you will not be able to cancel your order as it would have already been processed and in shipment. We are using these terms to respect to the designer and the work they are undertaking to make your request a reality.


1 - My order has arrived with a missing place.

Please email us with your order number; the piece that you claim is missing. We will investigate the following, should the missing piece be replicable we will send you the parts via courier free of charge. Otherwise we will coordinate to finding a solution that will cater to your needs.

2 - I received the wrong product, what shall I do?

If you receive the wrong product please email us at the soonest. Each shipment has with it an Order Supply Form to which you will be required to fill out and send out. We will take care of shipping charges and arrange for a replacement to reach you in the fastest way possible.

3 - I've received a faulty/damaged item.

Our products go through a rigorous quality check before being sent over. Should the product have been damaged along the way we will refund you the amount after receiving the product pack in the warehouse.

4 - I've received the wrong item.

Our team is trusted to cross check your order with the package, your item is handled personally so this is unlikely. But if it does happen please inform us of what you have received vs. what on display on the website. Our team will require you fill out the return & exchange form; your original order will be shipped to you at the soonest.


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